This is a letter of thanks specifically to those of you that have watched Doctor Who and can understand the impact the show has. I love that I can watch an episode and come here and feel like I have a community of people to share my feelings with, even if I’m sitting in my studio by myself, working on my paintings. 

Doctor Who has been my companion for the last two weeks while I’ve been painting. Every hour for the last two weeks or so that I’ve been sitting at my easel, I’ve been gobbling up the stories that Doctor Who has brought us. I’ve watched all the way from Christopher Eccleston and I’ve now made it to Matt Smith. 

I just watched a particularly moving and heart wrenching episode. In season 5, episode 10, the Doctor and Amy Pond go to visit Vincent Van Gogh after visiting his display of paintings in a museum. At the end of the episode, they take Van Gogh to the future and they show him the exhibit of his paintings. He gets to see what a difference his work made and that he was a success. He goes back to his time to have his most productive summer before killing himself. (Read more about it here at this great blog I found.)

The episode was beautifully done, but it touched somehow on what I love about Doctor Who so very much. Van Gogh died without knowing his talent. No one appreciated him for the incredible artist that he was. And that is the most heartbreaking aspect of the story. It comes so close to reality yet hints at the truth and sadness of the matter. I’d love to think that Doctor Who exists and went back in time to tell Vincent Van Gogh how amazing he was. 

It makes me want to appreciate every human being for their intricacies, flaws, and talents. That’s what Doctor Who and his love of our race does for me. It makes me appreciate us. 

I’m so emotional over this television show, but there’s a reason why it’s touched so many of us. It’s a beautiful story, and who doesn’t love a good story? 

I’m sitting here alone, crying by myself over how beautiful this episode was, painting alone, just like how I imagine Van Gogh did, and I wish The Doctor would come and show me what an impact I might have on people of the future. Maybe it’s that sentiment that made me love this episode so much. It was beautiful, regardless of my emotional attachment to its subject material. 

Combining art appreciation, Van Gogh, Matt Smith, and Amy Pond? How can it get any better?