I haven’t checked in with what I’ve been working on during summer arts in awhile, or possibly at all during the two weeks I’ve already been here. 

The last two weeks were academic study, focused on observational painting. The experience was beyond words, and I have pages upon pages of notes for the four classes I participated in with artists Yu Ji, Scott Noel, Alyssa Monks and Joe Forkan. At some point, I’ll make posts with images from all four of the workshops. 

This week begins work in Samantha Fields’s Contemporary Painting course, and this post is for the work I’ve done today. I started my day with working on my painting from the Alyssa Monks workshop - I have glazing and velatura to work on still, but it’s very near finished and will be added to my portfolio as the beginning of a new series. 

I went out and plein air painted from these incredible abandoned bunkers on CSUMB’s retired army base skeleton. I’ll be adding a lot more to that. 

My night concluded with starting this little painting with the balloon. 

All in all, a productive first day of painting.