I tested out my new rig for plein air painting today while I put a few touch ups on this newly sold series. “Stories of Imminent Destruction I & II” are officially my first personal works to be sold, and I’m so grateful. The USU purchased them, which means I can afford to go up north to Monterey Bay to study. They have the check ready and waiting for me when I bring them in this week. 

My set up works so perfectly. I bought a side bag style cloth tackle box that has removable dividing cases, and then a fancy new palette for my oil paints. This one is supposed to be used for watercolors, but it’s air tight, and serves the functions that I was missing in my last set up. I can slide a razor along the flat surface where I do my mixing, and peel the dried paint out of the wells. Hopefully, I’ll have less dried paint to deal with than I did when I was using the damn expensive Masterson Sta-Wet box. I think the size I got is normally used for acrylics, so I’ll just get a new sponge and use it for it’s intended purposes from now on, and hope the airtight seal on this new palette preserves my oils a bit better. 

I’m also super excited about how well my medium jar for the Eco-House Citrus Household cleaner fits in my new chair. I already got paint on it, which removes all that suspense in trying to keep it clean as long as possible. Screw it, right? 

I’m so freaking nervous/excited for Summer Arts. EEP! Theresa, Philip, I saw that we have classes together to look forward to! Yay!