Art I Love: The Paintings of Marc Trujillo

From his wikipedia page:

"His paintings depict places common to North American urban and suburban landscapes such as big chain and warehouse stores, gas stations, shopping malls, and chain restaurants. [1]

"Trujillo’s paintings are fundamentally synthetic in nature, and represent not only the experience of direct observation, but also an appreciation and awareness of paintings and painters of the past. Each finished painting is the sum of a series of steps that begin with drawing and preparatory sketches. Before beginning the final oil painting, Trujillo completes a grisaille, a monochromatic underpainting that allows him to establish the initial composition of each work.

"Trujillo was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico and currently resides in Los Angeles where teaches at Santa Monica College. He received his BA in 1991 from the University of Texas at Austin and his MFA in 1994 from the Yale University School of Art where he received the Ely Harwood Schless Memorial Fund Prize as well as the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Trust Fellowship.”

A Statement on his painting “6351 Sepulveda Boulevard, 38X47, oil on polyester over panel”

Ah, Jack in the Box. I had to decide whether to put a bus in this painting on the left, but went with the RVs. Growing up I remember going to a Jack in the Box with my aunt Trish when they had a clown head that took your order. The clown head asked my aunt ‘How about a date?’ to which she replied ‘Fuck off Jack!’ and we sped away burgerless.